The Leader's Journey

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Many books describe elements of church leadership— what it is and how to do it— but very few focus on the process of personal transformation that is central to being able to lead well. The Leader's Journey provides a blueprint and the practical tools needed to transform the lives of pastors and congregational lay leaders so that they can become truly effective leaders. Blending the best of sound psychological research, solid Biblical principles, and proven congregational experiences— authors Jim Herrington, Robert Creech, and Trisha Taylor offer step-by-step guidance for engaging in the personal transformation journey as part of effective congregational leadership. To lead well, pastors must first focus on managing themselves rather than managing others and learn to think in a different way about how people in living systems affect each other. As pastors learn to manage their own anxiety, they can handle themselves more calmly and lead in the midst of anxious congregations. The Leader's Journey also examines the life of Jesus and reflects on the living systems of which He was a part, observing His ability to know and do the right thing despite enormous pressure to do otherwise. To emulate His life, the authors encourage leaders to pursue a more intimate relationship with God so that they will be able to keep their lives in balance when outside influences and pressures tend to overtake us. The concepts presented in this useful volume have been successfully implemented in large and small congregations all over the world through The Leader's Edge seminars. Throughout The Leader's Journey, Herrington, Creech, and Taylor share their own stories of transformation and those of other pastors and lay leaders, and each chapter contains reflective questions for self-assessment that will engage you in your transformational journey.