Connecting With Our Children

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Parents want a special relationship with their children Parents care. They want to guide their children through the rough spots in life and help them make the right decisions. Research shows that a special parental connection is extremely important in safeguarding children against dangers such as substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, criminal activity, and suicide. This is more important than ever before in today's troubled world. But what does making this connection mean? Based on Bowen family systems theory, Connecting with Our Children shows parents how to build the connection found in better relationships. Now parents have a new way to think about and respond to family problems. The author examines common concerns, such as:
* How substance abuse can repeat through generations
* Why fusions between family members drive conflict
* How family anxiety can erupt into violence
* Whether stepfamilies can create a new family unit
* What roles faith and humor play in a family
* How effective are special contributions made by connections with grandparents
Numerous practical examples and stories illustrate familiar situations and concerns, so that parents can learn how to deal with the often confusing situations surrounding their children, as well as those within their own lives. With a different perspective, parents can learn to overcome these difficulties, creating a stronger family and a happier, more open relationship between parent and child.